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Stop putting yourself AFTER everyone else. Stop telling yourself that you will get healthy next week, next month, next year. Let's refuse to settle for the status quo together.

My VIP packages will empower you to make the necessary positive changes in your life to reach your health and fitness goals.

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Here’s how you can benefit from my VIP coaching!

We all know WHAT we need to do to get healthy. Most of us know how as well. The problem is we start and stop after a short amount of time.  These VIP coaching packages ensure that you will get the support that you need along with the motivation to keep going.

 Let’s work towards your goals!

  Gold Silver Bronze
Exclusive Accountability Group (we are all working on ourselves and we motivate each other)
One on One coaching (I'm available for YOU for an entire YEAR)
Goal planning session (you have to have a plan)
Structured workout routines (put an end to random workouts)
Online access to your workouts for 1 Year
Personalized meal plans
30 days supply of a nutrient dense shake *
Weekly phone calls, video calls, texts (for 3 months then bi-weekly afterwards) **
Monthly phone calls, video calls, texts
Weekly Emails with recipes and tips
3 day high fiber, high vegetable and protein meal plan
All 2017 released exercise programs
Shaker Cup
7 Portion control containers (I REFUSED to use these for a year and now I love them)
  $237CAD/yr or $205US/yr $186CAD/yr or $160US/yr $99CAD/yr or $99.95US/yr

These prices are plus tax and shipping.
* On a monthly auto-ship schedule that can be delayed or canceled at anytime
** During the months that you enjoy Shakeology

It will take hard work and dedication!

Did you know that Only 8% of Americans¹ and 27% of Canadians² reported that they achieved their 2015 New Years Resolution.

Whether this new way of life is a new years resolution or simply you being fed up with how you feel right now, you WILL be in that 8% or 27%.

With the right support system, a healthy and tailored nutrition plan and these effective results, I will help guide you through your transformation in health and fitness.
This is the complete system.



¹ American statistics source

² Canadian statistics source





Get your VIP Coaching

Never settle

“I thought I was #1 but I’m #2…. Why? Because I’m competing with myself. That’s how I get better!” – Sagi Kalev

By following this mantra, you will always push yourself and you will NEVER settle.
You are strong! You can do anything that you set your mind to do!

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These ladies are just like YOU!

"I love using BOD because it gives me instant access to hundreds of workouts. I can workout anywhere in my house. I have 2 young kids and BOD makes it so easy to press play, no babysitter required!"

~ Tammy H.

"I like Beachbody programs because I easily get bored with repetitive video programs but there is so much variety to choose from that I can pick one matching my mood of the moment..
No need to go out of the house so that makes it easy to avoid excuses...just press play!"

~ Judith L.

Let’s work together towards your goals!

Let's do this! 10 Spots Remaining