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Kickstart my body (Day 1)

After my return from New Orleans I was feeling sluggish. I felt bloated, my feet were swollen and I just felt blah! I knew that my nutrition wasn’t awful but... Continue Reading

Avoid Airport Snacks

Have you ever traveled on a plane and wished that you could bring some snacks with you? Instead of purchasing a bag of chips (after the security area) or a... Continue Reading

Uses for Coconut Oil

In today’s age of trying to use natural ingredients more so than processed and manufactured materials, coconut oil has many uses and benefits. As one of the more versatile supplements... Continue Reading

Types of water

There are so many reasons why drinking water is good for you. But what type of water should you be drinking?   There are so many out there… Do you... Continue Reading

Let’s talk about WATER

We have been told for so long that drinking water is important for us but do we know why? Have you ever questioned why it’s important? I know I had... Continue Reading

Let’s Go To The Movies

Blockbuster movies come out all the time. Fun family events take place as trips to the movie theater to see long-awaited shows all together. Cinemas are a perfect destination. More... Continue Reading