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I want to EMPOWER you to OWN your choices!
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Welcome to Shiana H.E.A.L.T.H. (Helping everyone achieve long term health)


I grew up in Montreal (Canada), where I met my boyfriend and we have a handsome 5 year old son. Growing up, I was partly raised by my grandmother and I have adopted some of her character traits. She was a person that never settled for what limits others would impose on her and those that know me know that I am the exact same way. If I want something, I will do my research and try to find the answer.

I knew that I wanted to lose weight after I had my son and I went out and found something that could help me do that. I was introduced to Insanity and it just kept going from there. I did not get the results that I wanted and I knew that I had to change something. Although everyone said it, I didn’t really believe that the key to weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I learned this the hard way! I figured out that the culprit had to be my nutrition because I was the kind of person that figured I could workout then eat pizza because hey I just worked out… right?!?! Wrong!

Growing up, I remembered seeing my mom always helping people in the community. The feeling of accomplishment that she felt when she was thanked was amazing to see. I discovered a love for working out and making better choices for my family. So much so that I started talking about my workouts with my friends, family and work colleagues. They then started their own journey. We motivated each other and spoke about our challenges. I loved seeing them get results and achieve their goals.

It was around that time that I was going through a rough patch in my personal life. It was hard and I had every excuse possible to simply eat my emotions. However, working out and eating right was now my mood regulator and no matter what happened throughout the day, I had to get it done! I realized that I was cheating myself, for over a year, by not having a proper plan in place.

I moved back to my hometown and moved in with my mom. Moving in with her was great for both of us because it led to her also joining me during my workouts. I broke the 200 seal and dropped to 192.5lbs. I felt amazing and was so determined to make working out part of my daily routine.Since the beginning of my journey, I have lost over 20 inches and 35 lbs. There were a few ups and downs during my journey as with anyone else.

The most important thing is to never give up! My son is the reason why I will never give up! He empowers me to go further. With every choice that I make in my life, I think of him.

I know that everyone has that powerful reason inside of them that can allow them to do anything. I would love to EMPOWER you to OWN your choices!

June 2013-Feb 2016


Me, Mommy, Tanty Sylvia



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