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Homemade Lunchables

Do you buy lunchables or do you make them yourself?

Just grab 3 simple ingredients and that’s it!

  • Some of your children’s favorite crackers (we use low sodium Ritz)
  • Sliced cheese cut in 4 (preferably not the Kraft sliced cheese)
  • Slices of meat (we use smoked turkey from the butcher)

Then they put it together themselves. You can even get cute with shape cutters (CuteZCute 14-Piece, Fun Shapes or Chinatera 8pcs Stainless Steel Mold Slicer Set) but not everyone has time for all that sometimes.

You can also grab a cucumber and slice them in thin slices if your child is weird like mines and likes to add the cucumber to the “sandwich”.

Then add some fruits and voilà!

This is such a simple and easy lunch to make for your children.


If you want to make this for yourself, just pair it with a side salad.


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